Are you Struggling to Capture Investor Attention?

 In today's crowded market, a well-crafted story is essential to set your company apart.  This 3-hour course, led by investment expert Chris Mion, will equip you with the tools to craft a compelling narrative that resonates with investors and drives successful funding.

Why Attend?

   Investors are bombarded with pitches. Learn how to stand out and spark genuine engagement.

  Understand investor priorities and craft a winning value proposition.

  Craft a powerful founder story that connects with investors on an emotional level and inspires confidence.

  Move beyond the traditional "pitch" and learn how to build trust and lasting relationships with potential investors.

 Increase your chances of securing funding

Course Instructor

Chris Mion is a business advisor, investment professional, and founder who has structured numerous LP investments and raised over $100 million in capital. Following a career in commercial development, Chris co-founded an award-winning marketing platform. Currently, she partners with innovative companies to develop purpose-led growth strategies that resonate strongly with all stakeholders. Chris enjoys working with leaders worldwide to bring out their presence and effectiveness -- their "it factor".

Course Curriculum

How to craft a well-conceived, compelling business story?
  • Recording
Why you, why now, why this company? The critical investor question and how?
  • Recording
Moving from “Pitching" to Engagement: How to engage investors effectively
  • Recordings

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Complete the course in 3 hours, or spread it out at your own pace. 

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Gain CME credits after each module.

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Upon finishing the course, you should receive a certificate of completion.

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